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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


KUS 4           Migori Super Stars                             Pamela Auma Pts 1 & 2

KUS 7-5        Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                        Mary Adhiambo/Samwel Otumba               1977


KUS 7           Sare River Jazz                                 Sally/Rose Lando

KUS 11         Kawere Boys                                     Joseph Opap/Wuothi Ekine

KUS 12         Kawere Boys                                     Achellus Gendia/Zakaria Opiyo

KUS 13         Kawere Boys                                     Ulda Otieno No.4/Emmanuel Odero

KUS 14         Kawere Boys                                     Wilson Gundo/Eliash Juma

KUS 16         Migori Super Stars                             John Omiti/Tobias Origi

KUS 18         Gem Lucky Jazz                                 Musa Mbai/Atieno Lando

KUS 18         Central K Jazz                                   Abila Adenyo/Rose Atieno

KUS 20         Owila Boys                                        Consolata Akinyi/Wach Pesa

Another EMI label, with details of all but KUS 7-5 coming from AIT’s master archive catalogue.

Production duties on these Luo benga releases all seem to have been handled by the prolific Oluoch Kanindo, whose name probably features on more records in this discography than that of anyone else.

AIT’s master catalogue lists two titles as KUS 18, which is obviously a mistake. I have included both until a copy of one or other turns up to clarify which is correct.