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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                                              Year


KAL 001       Rift Valley Brothers                 Niakuihitha/Dr Nduru

KAL 7-101    Shirati Luo Voice Jazz “75”      Ich Lit En Juok No. 1/?                                               1975

KAL 7-109    Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band     Hezekia Ochieng/Elija Jaseme

KAL 115       Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band     D. Kembo/Robi Kandiro

KAL 7-118    Continental Revolution Band   Isaya Odero/George Ogada

KAL 7-119    Continental Revolution Band   Dismas Obonyo Komolo/William Onyango

Lawrence Nduru is one of the less-known figures in Kikuyu pop despite recording widely. Records by the Rift Valley Brothers can be found on Nguirubi, Sawa Sawa and, as Rift Valley Stars, on Sibuor.

Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris provided details of KAL 115 in March 2011 and KAL 7-118 and 7-119 the following month. They suggest that three-digit catalogue numbers beginning with 1 are in Dholuo, while those beginning with 0 are in Kikuyu.

Tom Gilks supplied details of KAL 7-101 in May 2013, which is the first of the records on the label  to carry a date and which seems to confirm the numbering difference between Dholuo and Kikuyu recordings.