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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                                    Year


KDO-001     Kilimambogo Brothers Band  Mpenzi Helena Pts 1 & 2                                     late 1970s

KLZ 7-002   Kakai Kilonzo                       Kithetheesyo Ki Muka/Katulilangi                        

                  & Kilimambogo Brothers Band

KDO 008     Kilimambogo Brothers            Safari Ya Tanzania Pts 1 & 2

KDO-7-010  Kilimambogo Brothers Band   Beba Kitambulisho/Everybody Fuata Nyayo          1979

KDO-013     Kilimambogo Brothers Band   Mkamba's Day Pts 1 & 2                                     early 1980s

KDO-015     Kilimambogo Brothers           Karechu/Icera Ria Kakai                                     early 1980s

KDO 020     Kilimambogo Brothers Band   Bibi Na Bwana/Bidii Ni Mali

The career of Kakai Kilonzo (1954-87) is documented on two first-rate compilation CDs, Best of Kakai Vols I & II (Shava). Doug Paterson did production work and wrote the sleevenotes for both. The great music aside, his writing and the lyrics translations make the two volumes well worth buying. Download them and you’ll miss out.

Doug also collaborated with John Beadle on the Kakai Kilonzo and Kilimambogo Brothers discography for Toshiya Endo’s website, which you can find here


Everything in this listing and those for the related Kilimambogo Brothers, Les Kilimambogo and New Mwania Sound labels has been borrowed from their work with Doug and John’s permission.

Update: KDO 008 appeared on eBay in December 2013, becoming the first new addition to this listing in almost five years.