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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


KAITI 2       Super Kaiti                           Kasisi/Ndia Ya Wia

KAITI 03      Mutaiti                                Aume Twina Mathina/Minyambu na Mbusya

KAITI 04      Kaiti Brothers                      Ndungata/Nau Wakwa 'J'

KAITI 03 and 04 are two Kamba singles taped by John Beadle, while KAITI 2 is in the collection of the Ethnographical Museum in Berlin and was located in October 2011. The Kaiti Brothers also recorded at least one single for Zeze, the CBS subsidiary and Super Kaiti recorded a single for Utanu, although it seems entirely possible that these three singles are all by the same band trying out different names.