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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                                              Year


BER 1          Kawere B Kings                       Siprosa Atieno/James Awino Onyango

BER 2          Kawere B Kings Band              Beatrice Aoko Queen/Peter Juma Jaringa

BER 004      "K" "B" Kings                           Nyangula Nyoyuoyo/Maggy Aumah

BER 005      K B Kings                                Rapar Penina Atieno/Ana Aoko

BER 9          Kawere B Kings                       C Atieno/Andrea Akumu

BER 11        Kawere B Kings                       De Lawi Anyanga/Rose Atieno

BER 12        Orch Les Kawere "B" Kings       George Osumba Will Pay/Achupa Ichon Sana

BER 13        Orch Les Kawere "B" Kings       Achieng Pod Aheri/Peter Odingo Fundi Slim

Another outlet for productions by Okoth Kodondi, arguably the top Luo benga record producer.

Kawere Boys Band, and Kawere-related releases can be found on Kodondi, Makossa, POK, Saye Ber Mo and Uriri Dala Mor.

What makes BER 1 particularly interesting is the writing credit to Prof Omari and Dr Nelly. The latter is Nelson Ochieng Mengo, of Victoria Kings who went on to form Orch International de Nelly and Orch OM Jazz.

The Professor Omari credited is, however, the band’s own Prof Paul Omari rather than Prof Omari Shabani of Les Wanyika fame.