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Catalogue       Group                                               A side/B side                                                            Year


ULUS 001    Ruwengo Brothers                    Wamunuhiraki/Ndukaangaruruke

ULUS 002    The Lulus Band                         Ni Uranjuhigirie/Maitu Mukuru

ULUS 003    Ruwengo Bros                          Nguina Ngenete/Tene Ni Iroko

ULUS 004    Kenya Stars Jazz Band              Gaka Ni Kangari/Ndina Kisha Mwendwa        1982

ULUS 005    Kihumbu Brothers                     Canjamuka Ngoro/Ngwenda Ciiko                1982

ULUS 006    The Lulus Band                         Okello/Wi Mucere                                       1982

ULUS 011    Makarara Les Les                      Ndimu Na Thandara/Ndiguthuire                  1984

ULUS 013    Rwengo Brothers Band              Guku Ngukue/Waithira Pt 2

ULUS 015    Mbiri Sisters                             Ndi Mugi/Ndari Ya Maheni

ULUS 019    Ruwengo Brothers Band            Wamaitha/Wimenyerere

ULUS 023    Rwengo Sisters                         Mwendwa Paulina/Wendire


An Audio Productions label that probably dates from the 1980s. The Rwengo Sisters are presumably the distaff side of the Rwengo Brothers, the band led by Kikuyu musician John Ndicu.

According to Popular Music Censorship in Africa by Michael Drewett and Martin Cloonan, Ndichu fell foul of the Kenyan authorities with a song, Nonginya Turiote (We Must Be Consumed by the Hot Sunshine). It described poverty and unemployment as threats to the survival of ordinary people. Considered by the censors to be “the voice of discouragement” it was banned in December, 1987.

Thanks to Sofianne of Groovy Record in Paris for supplying details and a scan of ULUS 023 in April 2011.

Details of ULUS 015 were added in September 2011 using information from the University of Mainz African Music Archive. Fredrik Lavik of Afro7.net supplied details of ULUS 004 in October 2013, which confirms that the label dates from the 1980s and is an outlet for Kikuyu bands. ULUS 003/006 and 011 also came from Fredrik’s Afro7.net website in November 2013.