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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


J 7-14         Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                    J Haya/Pod Angima

PSD 7-3      Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                     Omoya Nono /S.M. Jet                               1975

PSD 7-16    Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                     Kiseru Od Dhaw/Mola Kwayo N'Guono

Another label for the prolific DO Misiani and DO7 Shirati Jazz. Produced by Oluoch Kanindo, this single presumably dates from the 1970s. For a full list of the many labels the band recorded for, consult the Bands Index.

Many thanks to Alan Wheeler for supplying the details and label photo of J 7-14 in July 2014. PSD 7-16 surfaced on eBay in November 2015 and PSD 7-3 in February 2016. It is unclear why the records’ catalogue numbers carry different prefixes.