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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


JAM 7-1       Toddy Six                            Asanta Ya Punda/I Love Blantyre               1974

JAM 7-2       Toddy Six                            Gari Ya Loan/Elimu Ya Ngumbaru              1974


JAM 7-1 is an intriguing record that surfaces on Ebay from time to time. Producer Charles Worrod is best known as the driving force behind Equator Records, which featured Daudi Kabaka as a member of its house band of musicians and who is listed as the composer of the A-side here. Kabaka is also listed as composer on JAM 7-2, which surfaced on eBay in July 2013, although Worrod is not listed as the disc’s producer.

Why Worrod and Kabaka chose not to release JAM 7-1 on Equator is unclear. Confusing the matter further, Jambo was listed in the Kenya Gazette as a trademark by East African Sound Studios as far back as 1945. 78rpm records on the original label do appear from time to time and have a very different label.

The original trademark for Jambo as it appears in the Kenya Gazette, September 4, 1945.