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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


ODM series

ODM 7-1      International de Nelly                     Fanuel Abongo/Macolomba                        1975

ODM 7-2      International de Nelly                     Chal Joboma No 2/Obar Akerrow                1975

ODM 7-3      Kamwala Lakeside Band                 Misire Onyere Fundi/Upinga Nan'go Yawa?   1975

ODM 7-4      International de Nelly                     Chwech Dhano/Frederick Ondere                1975

ODM 7-5      International de Nelly                     Tang Ne An'ge/Jesinta                               1975

ODM 7-6      International de Nelly                     Penina Ya Nelly/Adahiambo Wakili               1975

ODM 7         International De Nelly                     Yunes Auma/David Odongo

ODM 8         International De Nelly                     Timothy Opiyo/Tang Ne Ange No. 2

ODM 9         International De Nelly                     Rich Anyango Gi Lucy/Bethwel Juma

ODM 10       International De Nelly                     Dr. Richerd Anyango/Gerfas Ogada Fundi

ODM 11       International De Nelly                     Lamu Ketho Wat/Hlisha Obonyo

ODM 12       International De Nelly                     Dan Obonyi/Dan Ogijo

ODM 13       International De Nelly                     Bayo Kayiem/George Mijuka

ODMS series

ODMS 1       International De Nelly                     Chuny Piny Pts 1 & 2

ODMS 2       International de Nelly                     Rose Pambo/Wach Duto Minyalo

ODMS 3        International De Nelly                    Susan/Sila Oguma

ODMS 4        International De Nelly                    Siprosa/(Nine Ban'Ge

ODMS 5        International De Nelly                    Lok Paro/Aoko Sheri

ODMS 6        International De Nelly                    Jela Ni Mbaya Pts 1 & 2

ODMS 7        International De Nelly                    Yams Jathum Pek/Dak-Tek

ODMS 8        International De Nelly                    Duto Magpiny/Deborah

ODMS 9        International De Nelly                    Peninah/Jolemo

ODMS 10     International De Nelly                     Piny Luorore/Sabina M.

ODMS 11     International De Nelly                     Winj Pwonj/Dorine

Nelly series

Nelly 1         Ochieng & International de Nelly     Pesa Enigma/Ayies Kodi

Nelly 2         Ochieng & International de Nelly     Wach Ni Nyime/Donge Iparo


International de Nelly were a Luo benga band led by Ochieng Nelly after he left Victoria Kings and he appears in the writing credits on these singles as Dr NO Mengo.

AIT distributed the label,with copyright given to EIT, the label’s publishing wing.

ODM 7-1 to ODM 7-6 come from the collection of Op of the skafunkrastapunk forum, while ODMS 2 turned up on Ebay in March 2009. Details of all other records cam from AIT’s master catalogue and were added in March 2011. The Nelly series records were only identified when one of them turned up on eBay in Frebruary 2017. It allowed the identification of the other record in the series from the AIT catalogie.