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IN 001                          Orch Ebukanga                     Olumbe/Omwana Wo Mundu

IN 3                             AMP Sonic                            Pamoja Tuta Jenga/Pamoja Tuta Jenga (inst)

IN 9                             Emadey Band                       Rumango Omwana/Esihala Flamwa

Catalogue                             Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year



Flemming Harrev of Denmark supplied details of IN 3. It is by a band that appear nowhere else in this discography. The appearance of City Sounds on the label suggests a connection with Joseph Kamaru, the leader of the City Sound Band and one of the biggest figures in Kikuyu pop.

The appearance of another Wangui songwriting credit on a single by Bernard L Gitari on the Bonanza label would appear to confirm a Kikuyu connection.

Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied details of IN 001 in April 2011. The band also recorded for Temae, but once again information is non-existent. One clue may be that Ebukanga is a sublocation in Central Bunyore, Western Province.

The appearance of IN 9 on the CD&LP.com website in October 2014 doesn’t clarify things much. It’s another otherwise unknown band, this time singling in Luhya.