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Catalogue                            Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


PEA prefixes

PEA 24                         Les Yoyos Band                   Adero Math/Joseph Opondo

PEA 26                         Le Mellow Success               Safari Mbali/Baina Baina

PEA 40                         Orch Bana-Mike                   Banguna Misawa/Betty

PEA 60                         Orch la Cloche                     Sikujua Mpenzi Derry/Samuel Amanaka

PEA 61                         The Echo Jazz Band             Hera Chalo Tuo/Jim Osiepe Opogore

DOK prefixes

DOK 8                         Orch Lombe Lombe               Wazazi Mwatakaje/Lombe Lombe Ngoma

DOK 9                         Orch Lombe Lombe               Wanasoka Kenya Pts 1 & 2

DOK 10                       Orch Lombe Lombe               Oliver/Lombe Lombe Haitakufa

DOK 7-11                    Matata Matata                      Sabina Pts 1 & 2

DOK 12                       Orch Matata Matata               Sisika Pts 1 & 2

DOK 13                       T.P.S. Jazz                            Saida Pts 1 & 2

DOK 14                       K.B. Jazz                              Nyisa Kihera/Dog Dala

DOK 19                       K.B. Jazz                              Jenga Nyumba Yako/Sema Ukweli

CM prefixes

CMI-8                         Djuvenae Six                         Ciana Cia Nyakinyua Na Kenyatta/Muiritu

An EMI label that initially carried the same PEA catalogue number prefix as Pathe. The presence of Les Yoyos on the label suggests these date from the late 1960s or early 1970s,

According to the British Library, the A-side of the Orch Bana-Mike single is in Lingala and the B-side in Kiswahili, while the Orch La Cloche single is in Luhya.

The DOK prefix releases are from the 1970s when EMI went into local control. Details of DOK 7-11 were supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011. It unlocked details of the other DOK releases from the AIT master catalogue.

Orch Matata Matata don’t feature anywhere else in this discography and I am uncertain who K.B. Jazz are because there are so many bands with those initials.

CMI-8 turned up on the Discogs website in December 2011. Djuvenae Six also recorded for Philips in the early 1970s, suggesting this may date from around the same time..