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Catalogue                            Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


HH 7-001                      Kajulu Boys Band                P. Oricho Mbom/Mary Ogola Nyar Puola

HH 003                         Kajulu Boys Band                Otengo Ja Usari/L Atieno Nyar Seme

HH 08                           Ecko Jazz Band                   Kassim Amisi/Selina Atieno

AS 1406-07

HH 013                         Kajulu Boys Band                Omolo Adesi/P Owiti Ja Buoye

AS 1474-75

HH 014                         Kajulu Boys Band                Achieng' Nyar Mama/M Auma Nyar Chiga

AS 1476-77

HH 7-015                      Gem Lucky Friends Band      Dick A. Mbogo/William Jo Makongany

HH 7-022                      Gem Lucky Friends Band      Gilbert Onyango/Dorry Komesha

HH 7-032                      Kajuju Boys Band                Wuodhwa Mag Gita/Jogita Penjore Ni Ogoro

HH 7-033                      Kajulu Boys Band                Onyango Oriema/Mama Mary

AS 1715-16

HH 034                         Kajulu Boys Band                Pod Idongo/Ogwang'Kamin Awere

AS 1717-18

HH 039                         Kajulu Boys Band                Mary Owada/Omolo Oweya Kod Paro

AS 1757-58

HH 7-040                      Kajuju Boys Band                Odhiambo Wuod Alego/Joma Dhi Kisumo Otongolo


Evidently started by Orange Records of Nairobi as a sister label to Sunset, the two sharing almost identical label designs and both being dedicated to releases in Dholuo.

Phonogram appears to have taken on distribution of Hi-Hit at some stage and many of its releases carry a subsidiary AS catalogue number suggesting a link with Associated Sound (ASL) in Nairobi. If that’s the case, then it would date these singles to 1972-73.

Many of these singles are in the British Library’s National Sound Archive.

Both Ecko Jazz Band and Kajulu Boys also recorded for Atudo.