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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


GR 1            Kawere Boys                                  Joshua Ochieng/D.O. Kanindo

GR 2            Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                     Dalmas Atiego/Pendo Tohera No.2

GR 3            Gem Lucky Jazz                             Okoth N. Jaumgasa/Juddy Kiyo Nyiri

GR 4            Orch Mosaiga Boka Boka                 Emekora Ya Getembe/Nyagitari Obisimba

GR 5            Migori Super Stars                         Serfina Atieno/Elly Ogaja

GR 6            Orch KDS Madjesi                           Rispa Atieno/Jakong'o Goyo Dhako            1976

GR 9            Kiwiro Boys Band                            Oketch Colly/John Kabila                          1976

GR 10          Migori Super Stars                          Peter Adika/Solomon Oriwa

GR 11          Kawere Boys                                  Joshwa Omoro/Alphonse Awino

GR 12          Migori Super Stars                          Wilson Toto/Andrews Amolo

GR 13          Victoria Kings Jazz                          Sunga Jamundu/Z. Abuya

GR 15          Continental Revolution                    Francis Oluoch/Nashon Gogi

GR 16          Victoria Kings Jazz                          Cham Lucai/Ben Bo Bo

GR 19          U.K. Oremo Jazz                             Apollo Otiende/Rose Apondi

GR 22          Suna Western Jazz                         Peter Onyango/Jane Silver

GR 23          Kiwiro Matata Jazz                          Rose Lando Pts 1 & 2

GR 24          Kiwiro Boys                                    Martha Nyaduse/C.A.

GR 25          Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                     M.A. Dhi Loka Pts 1 & 2

GR 26          Mori Ongo Ochuoi                           Judith Auma/D.O. Jakachiemo

GR 27          Victoria Kings Jazz                          Ere Dwoko/Awach Nango

GR 28          Migori Super Stars                          Margaret Juma No.3/Dan Otieno

GR 29          Kiwiro Boys                                    Rossy Lando No.3/J. Odhiambo Swaya

GR 30          Victoria Kings Jazz                          John Opiyo/Patty Atieno                                1976

GR 32          Nyanza Success                              Nyar Koyugi/George Musumba

GR 33          Mori Ongo Ochuoi                           M.P. Rosemary/P.C. Kodiemo

GR 34          Mori Ongo Ochuoi                           Jackarombo/Odiwuor Agik

GR 35          Victoria Kings Jazz                          James Ogalo/Rose Akelo

GR 36          Kiwiro Boys                                    Rose Odhiambo/Joseph Omuga

GR 37          Victoria Kings Jazz                          Z.A. Kojina/Martin Ongalo

GR 38          Orch Les Nzoi                                 Lona Pts 1 & 2

GR 39          Central K Jazz (Simba wa Bara)       Mary Otieno/Shirati Ni Mabingwa

GR 40          Kawere Boys                                  Sara Serinah/Tom Dereva

GR 41          Central K Jazz                                John Oriro No.2/Opiyo Bw. Emma

GR 42          Central K Jazz                                K. Ayoma Jawalowa/Hana Nyar Singida

GR 43          Nyakongo Boys                              Claris Akinyi/Daniel Apula

GR 44          New Nyanza Stars                          Simba Nyiri/Aduda George

GR 45          New Nyanza Stars                          Juma Sila/Ojigo Ben


A label of recordings by many of the top-flight Luo benga bands, as well as by one or two less well-known names. Information about
GR 6 was supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011 and details of the rest have come from AIT’s master catalogue. A second list from Sofiane, received in March 2012, confirmed that the AIT listings for GR 29 are correct.

GR 6 is an Oluoch Kanindo production for POK Music Store and it is entirely possible that he produced the rest of these releases too.