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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


GAM 1        Kiwiro Boys                                    Gor Mahia Pts 1 & 2

GAM 2        Kiwiro Boys Band                            Pamela Atieno/Maritha Nyaduse                1977

GAM 5        Kiwiro Boys                                    Jesinta Auma/Amimo Gr

GAM 6        Kiwiro Boys                                    Mary Atieno/Terry Aoko

AIT label featuring the Kiwiro Boys Band, a Luo group who also released records on Mago-Onge Othogo and Kiwiro. They later changed their name to Orch Sega-Sega.

Details of all but GAM 2 come from AIT’s own sadly incomplete records.

The label name in Dholuo means “the hill known far and wide” according to a poster on the Mashada forum and has come over time to refer to the Homa Hills in South Nyanza.