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Catalogue                            Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


GOL 07                        Victoria “B” Kings                 Elenis Jambola/?

GOL 08                        Victoria Kings "B"                 Flora/Wuoth Mamos Aneno Ber

GOL 10                        Victoria Kings "B"                 Abon'go Fanuel/Aoko Lilly

GOL 013                       Victoria B Kings                   Ne Ayudo Chano Mar Ruoth/Lalni Buoba

(Credited to Ally Kawino

& Victoria B Kings)

GOL 015                      Victoria Kings "B"                 J. Tom Agan Kawere/Mary Adhiambo

Luo benga band led by Collela Mazee and Awino Lawi after they broke away from Victoria Kings in the 1970s. The label is an imprint of the Oula Recording Company, based in Suna, which was set up by the band itself.

Many thanks to Pauly Becquart for details of GOL 015 and the label scan, which he supplied in November 2012. Thanks, too, to Tom Gilks for details and a scan of GOL 07, which he supplied in May 2013.