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Catalogue                            Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


FEG 01                         Orch Mabina                        Chantal Pts 1 & 2

FEG 2                           T.P. Somo Somo                  Teboras Pts 1 & 2                                    1983

FEG 04                         Mpingo Band                       Mwana Wa Kinubi Pts 1 & 2

(Credited to

Boukeit Amana (Mr Baj)

& Mpingo Band)

GGS 001                     Orch Hapo Kale                    Kabeke/Wanja

Apart from the recording by Moses Fan Fan’s T.P.Somo Somo, which surfaced on CD&LP.com in February 2016, this this label is a bit of mystery. The other three bands don’t feature anywhere else in this discography. That Orch Mabina sing in Lingala and Orch Hapo Kale in Kikuyu is about all I can tell you.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for details of GGS 001 and the label scan.