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Catalogue                    Group                                                         A side/B side                                     Year


FBR 001                 Tabu Osusa                                    Singo/Simgo (Instrumental)

FBR 002                 Tabu Osusa, Music: Black Devils       Oh Yaya/Cele

                              Samba Mapangala & Orch Virunga    Safari Pts 1 & 2                        1988

Produced by Fred and William Records, though who Fred and William were is unclear. FBR 001 and 002 appear on an Audio Productions catalogue from December 1982.

The disc without a catalogue number is from Doug Paterson’s collection and genuinely doesn’t have a catalogue number.

For more Samba Mapangala, invest in a copy of the compilation Feet on Fire (Stern’s, 1991) or the new African Classics CD (Sheer Sound, 2008), which includes tracks from all stages of Mapangala’s career.

Many thanks to Thomas Gesthuizen aka DJ J4 from the Netherlands for sending in details of FBR 02 and a label scan in December 2013. Tabu Osusa has been a key player in the Kenyan music industry for more than 30 years and is now best known as the founder of Ketebul Music.