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Catalogue       Group                                                      A side/B side                                                              Year


KKN 001      Malaika Brothers Ithanga               Suvia/Kindu Wa Munene

KKN 002      Ithanga Malaika Brothers               Tavitha Ni Kyau/Sinota

KKN 002 was located in the archives of the Ethnological Museum, Berlin, in October 2011. Many thanks to Cyrus Moussavi for providing details of KKN 001 and a label scan in April 2016.

Although the recordings, which are both in Kikamba, are undated and carry no indication of whether the label is affiliated to any other label or producer, the writing credit on KKN 001 to Fadhili Muindi Kaswii Ka Ndulu shows that Fadhili William was involved in proceedings but whether he is the label owner is unclear.