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Recordings by expat Congolese bands working in Kenya, both being offshoots of Baba Gaston’s outfit. For a history of these groups and much more information, visit Muzikifan’s website.

The label itself was based in Kisumu.

ENO 001       Orch Bana Ekanga                         Amemiki Pts 1 &

ENO 002       Orch Bana Ekanga                         Santa Pts 1 & 2

ENO 004       Orch Super Bwambe                      Marie Pts 1 & 2

ENO 005       Orch Super Bwambe                      Bibi-Maa Pts 1 & 2

ENO 006       Orch Super Bwambe                      Kayembe Tata Pts 1 & 2

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