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An AIT label featuring Congolese bands. Orch Mandalala is either an offshoot of Orch Grand Piza, who had a song called Mandalala, or Orch Grand Piza itself. The one constant feature is the presence of Makengo Roy in both bands.

To confuse the issue a bit, Nawela Te, BON 3, is credited to Chumu Lala, who may well be Chumu Lay-Lay who wrote for Orch Tout Mopia. Both Tout Mopia and Grand Piza recorded for Bana Moja.

Saxophonist Mbole Tambwe formed Orch Saka Yonsa  after leaving Dewayon’s Cobantou and both Djo Mpoyi and guitarist Dally Kimoko played in it at some point, though it was a short-lived unit as Tambwe went off to join Trio Madjesi.

Orch Lokole may or may not be Isifi Lokole, the breakaway band from Zaiko Langa Langa that featured a young Papa Wemba.

Orch Teke-Teke, though, is a band I know nothing about.

BON 01       Orch Mandalala                               Tika Kotongo Pts 1 & 2                        1977

BON 2         Orch Saka Yonsa                            Minakufa Pts 1 & 2

BON 3         Orch Mandalala                               Nawela Te Pts 1 & 2                            1977

BON 4         Orch Saka Yonsa                            Nabangi Makambo Pts 1 & 2

BON 5        Orch Mandalala                               Konda Pts 1 & 2

BON 6        Orch Saka Yonsa                             Nakufeli Ye Pts 1 & 2                           1977

BON 7        Orch Lokole                                    Odia/Sela                                            1977

BON 8        Orch Lokole                                    Toboya Soni Pts 1 & 2

BON 9        Orch Teke-Teke                              Nabimaki Na Massa Pts 1 & 2                1977

BON 10      Orch Teke Teke                              Libala Bombanda Pasi Pts 1 & 2             1977

BON 11      Orch Teke Teke                              Muziki Ya Bana Kin Pts 1 & 2

BON 13      Orch Teke Teke                              Kaka Se Bolingo/Likambo Ya Bokamusi

BON 14      Orch Saka Yonsa                            Mobote Ya Suka Pts 1 & 2                     1977

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