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Evidently a sister label to Editions Tobina in that both feature recordings made under the auspices of Jaca Productions by producer AC Kochomo.

I have no information about Orch Mondo Mondo, however, apart from the fact they are singing in Lingala. It is possible that both bands are connected to Jummy Moni Mambo or Coco Zigo Mike.

BAS 1           Orch Bana Likasi                            Auma Pts 1 & 2

BAS 2           Orch Bana Likasi                            Lovy Pts 1 & 2

BAS 3           Orch Mondo Mondo                        Tongo Ya Makambo Pts 1 & 2

BAS 4           Orch Mondo Mondo                        Monica Pts 1 & 2

BAS 5          Les Jaca Orchestre                          Shemeji Pts 1 & 2

Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                  Year