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Catalogue                      Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


EP 140                     Franco & Orch TPOK Jazz      Azda Pts 1 & 2

(Credited to

Luambo Makiadi

& Orch TPOK Jazz)

EP 142                    Orch TPOK Jazz                     Nakobala Mbwa Pts 1 & 2                        1973

EP 143                     Orch TPOK Jazz                    Inoussa/Ezui Voisin                                1973

EP 144                     Orch TPOK Jazz                    Ya Baboyaka Ye/Lufua Lua Nkandi           1973

EP 145                     Orch TPOK Jazz                    Kebana/Nzuzi                                         1974

EP 150                     Orch TPOK Jazz                    Assitou Pts 1 & 2

EP 151                     Franco & Orch TPOK Jazz      Lezi Pts 1 & 2

(Credited to

Lutumba & Orch

TPOK Jazz)

EP 152                    Orch TPOK Jazz                    Lukika/Zando Ya Tipo Tipo

EPP 1002                Orch TPOK Jazz                     Ntotu Pts 1 & 2                                       1974

EP 1005                  Orch TPOK Jazz                     Ledi/Sens Interdit au Kumbi 12                1974

EP 1021                  Orch TPOK Jazz                    Makambo Pts 1 & 2

A 1970s label of Franco & TPOK Jazz, dominant figures in the history of Congolese music.

The imprint distributed by Phonogram in Kenya and Tanzania appears to carry the same catalogue numbers as Congolese releases.

I’ve backpedalled on gathering information about Editions Populaires as a result, especially as Franco’s career and recordings are relatively well-documented, most notably in Graeme Ewens’ biography of Franco, Congo Colossus (Buku Press/Stern’s, 1994)

The image, left, has been taken from Didier’s Mwanasimba website.