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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


NANA 1        Orch Conga International               Alice/Nakupenda Sana                              1977

NANA 2        Orch Conga International               Sambela Nzambe Pts 1 & 2                       1977

NANA 3        Orch Conga International               Mboka Mopaya Pts 1 & 2                           1977

NANA 4        Orch Conga International               Napusi Kolinga Pts 1 & 2                           1977

NANA 5        Orch Conga International               Kaka Ngai Nayo Pts 1 & 2                         1977

NANA 6        Orch Conga International               Kanisa Bana Pts 1 & 2                              1977

NANA 8        Orch Lomeka                                Toli Ya Baboti Pts 1 & 2                             1977

An AIT distributed label that appears to be primarily a vehicle for releases by Johnny Bokelo’s Orch Conga International, who also recorded for Editions Mbonda and Editions Mwana Mama.

Orch Lomeka are a Congolese group that I know nothing about. Both Orch Fuka Fuka and Orch Sosoliso recorded songs called Lomeka, so there may be a connection with one or both of these bands.