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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


LUN 11        Orch Kale-Kale                               Allu Pts 1 & 2

LUN 20        The Lunna Kidi                               Mary Magdaline Pts 1 & 2                          1982?

It is perhaps inevitable that Ochieng Kabaselleh’s hugely popular band should have its own label. The wonder of it is that so few of his records turn up.

Many thanks to Tom Gilks for supplying the details and label photo of LUN 20 in May 2013. Fredrik Lavik supplied details of LUN 11 in January 2014, which is by another Kabaselleh band – or the same one flying under a different name. The record’s label indicates that this is a Doromy Instrumental Co label.