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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


EB 1            International de Bokelo         Mokili Ekoti Pts 1 & 2

EB 5            International de Bokelo         Bokelo Na Kenya Pts 1 & 2

EB 10          Orch Conga International      Luka Okozwa Pts 1 & 2

EB 15          Bokelo Isenge                      Bokilo Senga Pts 1 & 2

                  & Conga International

An label dedicated to releases by the Congolese musician Johnny Bokelo Isenge and his band, who also recorded for a variety of other labels. See Bands Index for an up-to-date list. The imprint was originally part of EMI East Africa but eventually ended up in the hands of producer Oluoch Kanindo.

Thanks to Fredrik Lavik of the Afro7 website for details of EB 15 and the label scan. The rest of these singles are taken from AIT’s master list of recordings.