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EC 001 is a Kikuyu single from the Voice of America collection by a band that also recorded for Kirinyaga, while EC 003 is in English and is by a little-known band. EC 027 suggests there are many other records on this label. It turned up on the Discogs website in April 2017 and is by an unknown band.

EC 001         Nyeri Young Stars                          A: Mami Ndera Wega

                                                                       B: Ndatumiiruo Marua Ni Mwendwa

EC 003         The African Pioneers                      My Loving Sister/See What Love Has Done To Me

EC 027         Pilipili                                           Songa (Na) Mbele/Roho Yasumbuka

Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                  Year