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One of producer Oluoch Kanindo’s many outlets for his work, featuring three well-travelled Luo benga bands. Orch DO& Shirati Jazz recorded for more than 35 labels, Central K Jazz for at least 15 and Kiwiro Boys for more than 10 others. See their entries in the Bands Index for a full list.

Thanks to Per Leuf in Sweden for supplying details of DUL 7-11 in July 2013.

DUL 7-3         Central K Jazz                                Kik Ubuogi/Liyo Bioma

DUL 7-11       Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                     Akech Dhahabu/Akech Dhahabu No.2                   1977

DUL 7-15       CK Dumbe Dumbe                          Jenifa Auma/Ayany Onyango

DUL 7-37       Kiwiro Boys Band                           Dick Ooro Opiyo/Dismas Odhiambo

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