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Victoria International also recorded for Oguta Ja Sunga, though as noted on the page for that label it is hard to say whether it is yet another offshoot of the Victoria Kings, one of the most fractious Luo benga bands, or simply one of the better-known offshoots adopting a new name for recording purposes.

The writing credit is for Arito Ochimbo Yon'go and Dr. Prince Julie, with the latter presumably Prince Jully of Jolly Boys fame.

Producer Oluoch Kanindo found many, many outlets for his work. What’s different about this one is that it is for the Makonge Music Group, a company that don’t feature anywhere else in this discography.

Thanks to Tom Gilks for supplying details and a label scan of this record in May 2013.

DUK 007       Victoria International Band             ?/Teresa Auma

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