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Considering the size and resources of CBS internationally, surprisingly few records issued by its East African operation appear to be in circulation. Those that are include Kenyan acts, such as Blue Stars, Congolese bands based in Kenya, such as Orch Moja One, and tunes licensed from Tanzanian labels such as the Mwenge Jazz Band’s Joka, which was licensed from Tanzanian Film Company. There are also some tunes licensed from further afield, including Nigeria’s Victor Uwaifo, South Africa’s Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya, and Ghana’s Okyerema Asante.

To add to the confusion, there seem to be several different catalogue numbering strands so, for example, CBS (K) 7025 and CBS (K) 025 appear to have very similar catalogue numbers.

Records with an ACP prefix presumably originated from Andrew Crawford Productions in Nairobi.

Besides its main imprint, CBS also had a hand in other labels: Editions d’Ivoire, Ken-Tanza, Linga and Zeze. It is possible that VER 001, which comes from the University of Mainz collection, is from another subsidiary label even though it is catalogued as a CBS release.

CBS (K) 001      Victor Uwaifo and the Titibitis         A: Five Days a Week Love

                                                                           B: While the Sun Shines

S-CBS (K) 003 Jim Monimambo                              Zaina Pts 1 & 2                                     1979

S-CBS (K) 004 Moni Mambo                                   Getride Pts ! & 2                                   1979

(This is Jimmy Moni Mambo of Orch Shika Shika)

S-CBS (K) 005 Juwata Jazz Band                            Kaka Adam Pts 1 & 2                            1979

S-CBS (K) 006 Mwenge Jazz Band                          Lucy/Inafaa Umuoe                               1979

S-CBS (K) 007 Mwenge Jazz Band                          Tofali La Barafu Pts 1 & 2                      1979

S-CBS (K) 008 Mwenge Jazz Band                          Joka Pts 1 & 2                                      1979

CBS (K) 009   Osibisa                                            I Feel Pata Pata/Jumbo                         1979

S-CBS (K) 010 Kelly Brown                                   Higher/I’ll Be Waiting                             1979

CBS (K) 011   Orch Super Bwambe                        Tufurayi Pts 1 & 2                                 1980

CBS (K) 012   Orch Super Bwambe                         Maria-Fellia Pts 1 & 2                            1980

CBS (K) 013   Orch Super Bwambe                        Toboyi - Konyokwama Pts 1 & 2             1980

CBS (K) 014   Orch Shika-Shika                             Madala Rosieshi Pts 1 & 2                      1980

CBS (K) 17     Mac Davis                                       A: Your Side Of The Bed

                                                                           B: Stop And Smell The Roses

CBS (K) 018    Kelly Brown                                    I Want You/Shalala I Love You

CBS (K) 020    S & D Majek                                   How Long/Got The Feelin'

CBS (K) 021    Anna Mwale                                    Kabuku/I Can't Get Your Love

CBS (K) 022    Truetones                                       Burning Eyes/Power Struggle

CBS (K) 023    The Jambo Talents                          A: Don't Keep Me in Suspense

                                                                           B: Forever I'll Give You My Love

CBS (K) 024    Kelly Brown                                    Pole Musa Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 025-A Them Mushrooms                           Uhuru/John Lennon

CBS (K) 026    Bunny Mack                                   Let Me Love You/Love You Forever         1979

CBS (K) 027    Orch Les Afrikanos                         Refugee Song Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 028    Them Mushrooms                            A: Tribute to Bob Marley

                                                                           B: Africa Has Got to Have Peace

CBS (K) 030    Gravity                                           Forever Yours/Shuffle to the Beat

CBS (K) 031    The Pyramids                                  We Can Live Together/Brother

CBS (K) 033    Bunny Mack                                    Supafrico Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 034    Okyerema Asante                            Saba/It's My Girl                                 1980

CBS (K) 036    The Peacemakers                            Pesa (Kila Kitu)/Ni Wewe

CBS (K) 039    Black Savage                                  Fire/Rita

CBS (K) 041    Odhi Mak'Anyango                          I Believe in Me I & II

CBS (K) 043    Gravity                                Goodbye Masai Girl/Lost in Love

CBS (K) 044    Letta Mbulu                                     Everybody Sing Along/Ndi - Phendule

CBS (K) 046    Kelly Brown                                     Remember/New Day New Way

CBS (K) 050    Caiphus Semenya                            Angelina/Without You

CBS (K) 060    Bunny Mack                                    Law-Keeper/Law-Keeper (Instrumental)

7000 series

CBS 7001        Sammy Kasule                                Kukupenda (Kuusudu) Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7005   A: Lesa Lasan                                Jedidah Njeri/Come Back

                       B: Sheila Majek/Mdarak Achieng

CBS (K) 7006  Sammy Kasule                                Shauri Yako Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7007   Kasongo Wa Kamema                     Kapinga Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7008  Vundumuna                                    Vundumuna Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7013  Om' Alec Khaoli                               Say You Love Me Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7017  Umoja, featuring Om Alec Khaoli       Oya Kae Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7024  DDC Mlimani Park Orchestre             Siwalaumu Wakwe Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7025  DDC Mlimani Park Orchestre             Kiu ya Jibu Pts 1 & 2

CBS   7026      Sipho Hotstix Mabuse                      Afrodizzia Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7030  Steve Kekana                                 All I Need Is Here In Africa/Third Time Lucky

CBS (K) 7032  Vundumuna                                    Mwami/Mariamu

CBS (K) 7040  Kassav' Vini Pou                              Sye' Bwa/Souf' Zouk

CBS (K) 7048  Victoria Fives Band                          The Late Hon Dr Robert                     1990

                                                                           John Ouko Pts 1 & 2

CBS (K) 7049  The Pressmen Band                         Musenangu/Kadogo

ACP series

CBS/ACP 702   Orch Moja One                                Dunia Si Yako Wala Si Yangu Pts 1 & 2

(Credited to Moreno & Moja One)

CBS-ACP 703   Moreno Blue Stars                           Mapenzi Ni Mazoea Pts 1 & 2

CBS-ACP 704    Souzy Kasseya                              Le Telephone Sonne/Ulta

CBS-ACP 706    Samuel Katana                              Hawe Pts 1 & 2

                       and the Black Boots

CBS/ACP 1201 Blue Stars                                      Shufa Pts 1 & 2

Miscellaneous one-offs

VER 001          Les Ndalani                                    Yua Ya Syondo/Osa Mbete Yaku

EXP 001          Explainer                                        Dread/When Basil Come

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