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Catalogue       Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                        Year


OYE 001       Stanley Kimaiyo & Prisons Band              Mawakesi Nairobi Pts 1 & 2

OYE 003       Mukarara Les Les                                   Wanjiru/Wanjiku

Stanley Kimaiyo Kipsang to give him his full name is a veteran Kallenjin singer, whose music features on several Music Copyright Society of Kenya CDs, including the Best of Stanley Kimaiyo and Kalenjin Mixed Beats that are available from Amazon.

This particular tune doesn’t seem to feature on any of them.  It sees the singer backed by the Prisons Band, who seem to crop up regularly at official Kenya government functions. Whether this is a one-off single or he released others on the same label, I do not know.

OYE 003, which surfaced on Ebay in May 2010, is a single by a Kikuyu band that also recorded for Delta Production.