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Catalogue       Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                        Year


DAL 3           Kawere Boys Band                                Asha Okeyo Pts 1 & 2                               1976

DAL-7          Owila Matata Band                                Isaac Odero/Samwel Nyanganga                1976

DAL 15         Kiwiro Matata Band                              Rose Lando No 2/Jackton Okoth                 1980

DAL 24         Victoria Kings Jazz Band                       Ben Omongo/Oroo Jakech                          1980


DAL-7 is a Luo single by a band who are either an offshoot of Owila Lake Side Band or the band itself. The record is another production by the ever-prolific Oluoch Kanindo.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for supplying the label scan and record details in March 2011.

The label’s design tickles me so much that I have reproduced it in greater detail, as the Boss reminds me of a drawing in Beano, the English comic, yet the fact he is reading the Nation roots him firmly in Kenya.

Update: In March 2015 DAL 15 and DAL 24 were offered for sale on eBay. While carrying similar catalogue numbers, the label design (above right) is a simple purple and silver affair. The reference to EMI Brigadiers on DAL 24‘s label indicates that it was pressed in South Africa rather than Kenya.