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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


BG 1            Akichelesit Jazz                               Toto Annah/Eyalama Oduya

BG 2            Akichelesit Jazz                               Ketosomata Idwe/Twa Mulia Mukenya

BG 3            Kabras Webuye Jazz                        Khurie Abebuli/Maendeleo Eboluhya

BG 4            Kabras Webuye Band                      Nashimiyu/Daktari Ali                               1977


An AIT label from 1977 that appears to only have these four singles on it. Originally I had these listed under AIT, but in August 2011 I found the first two Kallenjin singles in the African Music Archives of the University of Mainz as being on the intriguingly named Border Guards label The other two singles, both in Luhya and produced by Daudi Kabaka are from AIT’s own master catalogue.

Update: in May 2012 a copy of BG 4 turned up on the cdandlp.com website, which showed that the label features AIT’s initials rather more prominently than the words Border Guards. Quite why the university picked out the latter as the label name escapes me.