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Thanks to Fredrik Lavik of the Afro7 website for alerting me to the existence of BIM 2. Cross-referencing that record with the AIT master list identified BIM 1 and, if the master list is correct, these two recordings by this Luo benga band are the only two records on this label.

This band is presumably the same as King Mutumbu Jazz who released a couple of singles on the Nyang Omaki Crocodile, another of AIT’s roster of labels.

Tobias Onyango, one of the credited writers on BIM 7-2, also had a stint with the Victoria Kings B.

BIM 7-1       King Orch Mutumbu 76                    Nashon Oloo Odongo/Wacha Waseme   1976

BIM 7-2       King Orch Mutumbu 76                    Thuond Siaya/Florance Atieno              1976

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