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A Melodica label that licensed and distributed records from the Congolese Editions Biby label run by Matumona Bibi.

The discography for the African label on the Bolingo website features titles, notably by Mopero’s Orch Shama Shama, that carry references to being licensed from Editions Biby.

Here’s a rough translation/paraphrase of what the French-language Mbokamosika site, a very useful source of information about many aspects of Congolese music, has to say about the original labeL:

“In the 1970s the economy of RDC was doing well. One zaire, the unit of currency, was worth two US dollars, and the Ali-Foreman fight, for example, rewarded each boxer with a $5m purse.

Economic stability had an impact on social life and businesses in the entertainment sphere were booming. So, in response to Editions Veve which had launched Orchestras Kiam and Lipua Lipua, Editions Biby created Shama Shama, Mokako and Bansomi Lay Lay. This last band was distinguished by a rhythm that resembled the sound of a train.”

Why then did Bansomi Lay Lay end up on Editions Zigo, a label apparently run by Coco Zigo Mike, one-time singer of Orch Viva Makale, and which has a very similar label design to Editions Biby?

The British Library’s National Sound Archive catalogue reference for BB 06 lists the title as being both Kilenuka and Kilenduka. The latter is correct.


BY-32           Orch Mokako                                 Lolango Pts 1 & 2                                 1974

Editions Biby

BB 001         Orch Bangambo                              Tumba-Kani Pts 1 & 2                          1976

BB 03           Orch Shama-Shama                        Pamaphi Pts 1 & 2                               1976

BB 005         Tabou National                               Makale Nawe Pts 1 & 2                         1976

BB 006         Orch Mirage                                   Kilenduka Pts 1 & 2                              1976

BB 007         Etumba Nagwaka                           Bolingo ya Bomwana Pts 1 & 2              1976

BB 008         Orch Cavacha                                Pichouna Pts 1 & 2                               1976

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