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A label for productions by Oluoch Kanindo and POK Music Stores of Nairobi. The label’s Dholuo name Bi Mos Ka Pek translates literally as “Come Slowly Slowly, This Is Heavy”.

Thanks to Musa Okoth for sending in listings for these two singles and for providing the translation of the label name  and a fine slice of background detail, which I quote more or less verbatim:

This was a label used by Collela Mazee and Victoria B Kings. At the height of their fame, Victoria B Kings were in stiff competition with Owino Misiani's DO7 Shirati Jazz. The jury is still out on who won this contest. Anyway, in a few of their songs, Collela would always take a swipe at Shirati. The lyrics were quite poetic, with subtle innuendoes of derision extolling Victoria B as the bona fide supremos of the benga beat. Hence the label was an exhortation to others to approach Collela's music with awe and respect since they could not match it - sort of like please bow before the King!

BI 7-8          Victoria B Kings                              David Oduor/Petty

BI 12           Victoria B Kings Jazz                        Monica Anyango/Anna Awuor

BI 13           Victoria B Kings                              Jey Mano E En/Kwe E Ber Budho

Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                  Year