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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


Bell 3           Oremo Masawa Band           Charles Oduor/Angeline                            1974

Bell 7-11      Ndhiwa Jazz Band                Dorry Jaber/Sitakus Seko                         1974

Bell 7-12      Ndhiwa Jazz Band                George Radeny No 2/Robi Ou                   1974

Bell 7-15      Oremo Masawa Band           Mary Adhiambo/Opiyo James                    1974

Bell 7-18      Shirati LV Jazz Band            Ajali Yakona Korowe/Beres To Ber             1975

Bell 7-19      Kuja River Jazz                   Juli Nyar Jotito/Edward Adede                   1975


Evocatively named mid-1970s label dedicated to Luo benga bands, all five listings coming from the Voice of America sound archives.

DO Misiani’s Shirati LV are the best-known group on the label; the Oremo Masawa Band, which features John Owije and Pius Okech Ombassa, are either a renamed version of Oremo Jazz, who recorded for Melodica earlier in the 1970s, or a successor to that band. I have no further information about the other two bands, though.