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Catalogue       Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                        Year


BAHA 001    Bahari Boys                                            Bado Tu/Msinzili

BAHA 003    Bahari Boys                                            Pekeshe/Mangale

BAHA 001 surfaced on Ebay in March 2009, while Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris alerted me to the existence of BAHA 003 in November 2013. Both are by a band that I know nothing about. The A-side of BAHA 001 is in Kiswahili and the B-side in Kikamba.

At first glance, I thought the label might be connected to Sawa Sawa Sound for the very simple reason that the label says “distributed by Studio Sawa Sound”, but the PO box numbers for the two labels are different so this seems unlikely.

The label name, incidentally, means “ocean” in Kiswahili.