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A taarab single pressed for  the Afro Shirazi Party Youth League by the the Gramophone Company of India, a subsidiary of the UK-based EMI.  The Afro Shirazi Party Youth League was the youth wing of the Afro Shirazi Party which held power in Zanzibar from 1964 to 1977.

You can read about Bakari Abeid’s singing career in Werner Graebner’s essay, The Taarab Music of Zanzibar, in Island Musics, edited by Kevin Dawe (Berg, 2004).

Many thanks to Thomas Gesthuizen aka DJ J4 from the Netherlands for sending in details of this record and a label scan in December 2013.

URT 103       Bakari Abeid                                 Huna Muamana Pts 1 & 2

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