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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


AOL 7          Migori Super Stars               Nyar Pap Onditi/Be An Aneni Kendo

APO 3          Migori Super Stars               ?/Bonn Kadiyo

AOL 7 is in the British Library’s National Sound Archive, though I can add no further information about the label or its owner Humphrey Ochuro. A Luo band, Migori Super Stars also released singles on Okolo Kiduong, Wamenyo, Wendo Modhial and other labels. See Bands Index for an up-to-date list.

Tom Gilks kindly sent me details of APO 3 in May 2013. It shows the label as being part of Wamenyo, though it is hard to say which of these recordings came first.