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Apollo was a Phonogram subsidiary operating in the early to mid 1970s primarily as an outlet for Gabriel Omolo and Apollo Komesha, one of the most versatile and popular bands of the period, mixing rumba and benga and singing in Kiswahili, Dholuo and English.

Most catalogue numbers have been shortened in this discography in the following way: APL 7-685 has been shortened to APL 685, as some sources include the initial 7- and others do not.

In addition to their main Apollo catalogue numbers, many singles carry a second number beginning AS, which indicates a connection with Associated Sound (ASL) in Nairobi.

Flemming Harreve in Denmark has pointed out that Apollo was also used as an export label for Polydor releases in Zambia, which carry the same serial numbers as their original Polydor release in Kenya.

Clearly there was some crossover with the Zambian market as APL 7-693 and APL 7-694 are in Chibemba, a language of Zambia, though the writing credits for both singles is given as Benson Simbeye, a musician who also recorded in Kiswahili on Equator Sounds.

APL 7-600    Apollo Komesha '71                   Elizabeth Odongo/Oluoro Dek              Luo                  1971

AS 973-4

APL 6-601    Apollo Komesha '71                  Keep Quiet/Milly                                  Swahili             1971

AS 981-2

APL 7-607    Rumonge Jazz Band                  Kupenda Sana Hasara/Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

APL 7-617    Apollo Komesha '71                  Wach Nyombo/Owuor                          Luo                  1971

AS 1053-4

APL 618       Gabriel Omolo                          Lunch Time/Tutakula Vya Ajabu           Swahili              1971

                  & Apollo Komesha ‘71

APL 7-634    Mahlathini & Izontombi             Guga Mzimba/Hamba Minyaka             Zulu                  1972

APL 7-637    Obiya Aris                                Deby/Martin Kochienge

APL 7-638    Angoro Young Stars                  Asharia Muga/Nyithindo Omed Somo

APL 640       Olonde Family Band                  George Owino/Daniel Wayiego             Luo                   1972

AS 1201-02

APL 645       Co-Luhya Bantu                       A: Abana Befwe Ndabolakhwo              Luhya                1972

AS 1221                                                    B: Ndatora Okhusila

APL 7-646    Rumonge Jazz Ban                   Kulusumu/Zozine

APL 7-652    Lolwe Jazz Band                      David Ogola/Japuonj Mc. Opiyo

APL 7-653    Semeni Band                           Benson Okoti/Mary Anyango

APL 7-655    Semeni Band                           A: Selina P. Ngaywa                           Luo                    1972

                                                                 B: Yuago Rosa Odhiambo

APL 7-657    Okongo Jazz Band                   Odhiambo Bernard/Josaya Diaga

APL 7-665    Menya GI Success                    Erokamano Wuroa/Dr P. Aginga

APL 670       Apollo Komesha ’71                  Goodbye Mr Kupe/Anna                       Swahili/English  1972

AS 1514-5

APL 671       Apollo Komesha '71                  Nyar Yonam/Atek                                Luo                   1972

AS 1517-18

APL 674       Lolwe Jazz Band                       Thomas Oguda/Odipo Urther                Luo                   1972

AS 1563-64

APL 678      Gertrude Mwendo & Les Yoyos    Ing'ombe/Mupetenzia                         Luhya                1972

APL 682       Apollo Komesha ’71                  Ukumbusho/Keep Change No 3            Swahili/English  1972

AS 1689-90

APL 685       Menya (GL) Success                 Nyadundo Okawa Ngimana/J Sudhe      Luo                   1973

APL 7-689    Apollo Komesha 71                   Adier Ema Ber/Yawa Madongo

APL 7-693    Semeni Jazz Band                    Ntungulushi Yachine/Chiyeyeye           Chibemba           1973

APL 7-694    Semeni Jazz Band                    Amapindo/Chindumbwi Ndumbwi         Chibemba           1973

APL 698       Apollo Komesha ’71                  Saitan Wuonda/Odenyo Elly                 Luo                   1974

AS 2786-7

APL 699       Apollo Komesha '71                  Nairobi/The Big Fish                             Swahili             1973

APL 700       Gabriel Omolo                          Owuor M.V.E/Mr Agoya                        Luo                   1973

AS 2854-5   & Apollo Komesha 71

APL 701       Apollo Komesha 71                   A-side: Rose Mary Nyaboro No 2          Luo                   1974

AS 3018-9                                                  B-side: Annie Achieng

APL 702       Orch Semeni Band                    W.E. Thieu/Anthu Achabe                    Chichewa           1974

AS 3048-9

APL 7-708    Zambezi River Band                 Nyina Ng'ombe/Bacelita                       Bemba              1974

AS 3244-5

APL 713       Udenda Jazz Band                    Maggy wa Kamuradi/Apiyo                   Luo                   1976

AS 3911-12

APL 7-715   Orch Mwito Africa                      Hippo Point/Scolar Kalando No II          Luo                  1976

APL 7-717   Orch Apollo Komesha 71            Heavy Duty/Masengenyo                     Swahili             1976

AS 4031

APL 7-718    Apollo Komesha 71                   Udoy/Jadoho                                      Luo

APL 7-724    Apollo Komesha Band               Nimeokoka Pts 1 & 2                           Swahili

APL 725       The Golden Kings Band 76        Africa Ibarikiwe Pts 1 & 2                     Swahili              1976

APL 7-726    Apollo Komesha Band               Obuogo/Ungwana Ni Ere

APL 736       Apollo Komesha Band               Nitatembea/Magendi (Mcheza Mbaya)

Apollo releases of Polydor catalogue for export to Zambia:

POL 427       Orch Les Wanyika                          Paulina Pts 1 & 2

POL 432       Orch Les Wanyika                          Sina Makosa Pts 1 & 2

POL 435       Orch Super Volcano                       Baba Mdogo/Hayati Ndugu Sembuli

POL 437       Orch Les Wanyika                          Pamela Pts 1 & 2

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