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Stirringly sloganed “Music of the people, for the people, by the people”, this label seems to date from the early 1970s.

Is the Loi-Tok-Tok the same band as Santa Loi-Toki-Tok Jasta, who also have a single on Pathe?

The Lets Go Group and Peter Oluoch singles are in Dholuo, while the first Vipers Jazz single (AGL 57) is in Lingala and Luganda and the second one (AGL 58) is just in Luganda. The Sesema single is in Kiswahili.

AGL 50, which I spotted in the US Library of Congress catalogue in September 2011, is also in Luganda.

AGL 27         The Lets Go Group                         Musumba Tho Arieya/Sippy Akeyo

AGL 30         Sesema                                         Sumila/Polina

AGL 50         The Vipers Jazz                              Betty Jangu/Kimanye Victor

AGL 52         The Loi-Tok-Tok                             Bertha/Kisura

AGL 53         Peter Oluoch                                  Ondijo Obiero/Owiti Anyul

AGL 57         The Vipers Jazz                              Marie Jose/Nja Kwagala Enkyia

AGL 58         The Vipers Jazz                              Lidia Mama/Julie

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