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ALM 7-001    The Blue Stars                                      Mpenzi Rejea Nyumbani/Shikamoo

ALM 05         Nyahururu Success                               Wendo Wa Mithaiga/Gaturua Ko – Nene –

A taarab single in Kiswahili from 1976 that turned up on Ebay in March 2009. The label - its name means “diamond” in Kiswahili - was distributed by City Sounds of Nairobi.

A band called the Blue Stars put out at least one single on CBS, though it seems unlikely it is the same outfit as this one. Matters are further complicated by the existence of the Kenya Blue Stars.

Details of ALM 05 were supplied by Fredrik Lavik of Norway in September 2011. It is hard to tell whether the Kikuyu band that recorded it is the same as the better known Nyahururu Boys or an offshoot from it.