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Catalogue       Group                                                                A side/B side


ALKA 01      Sadru & Zeenat Kassam                       Karibu Karim/Na Badlenge Hum

                  with The Sunny

ALK 8          Tabu Osusa & Black Devils                    Anyango/Gor Mahia

ALK 9          Tabu Osusa & Black Devils                    Somo Ti Somo/Sabina

Spotted on the CD&LP.com website in November 2013, the B-side of ALKA 01 is the only recording in Urdu that I have encountered to date. We had to wait until February 2016 before ALK 9 surfaced on CD&LP.com. Apparently in Dholuo according to the label, it is by an artist who also recorded for FBR.