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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


XMA 002       Ofafa 2 Choir                      Kurotuika Guo/Muhuhi Muturiru

XMA 17        Nyambeere Gospel Choir      Ngoro Yakwa Niyarega/Nigwihugira Muthenya

UKA 001       Ofafa 2 Choir                      Ugakorwo/Tiga Marakara Baba


A Kikuyu-language religious label. XMA 002 is from the British Library’s National Sound Archive, while Fredrik Lavik of the Afro7 website supplied details of XMA 17 in autumn 2015. UKA 001 appeared on the CD&LP.com website in April 2016. It is hard to see why the catalogue number has a different prefix.

Intriguingly, there is an Ofafa One Choir that recorded for the Rainbow and Wambui Music Store labels.