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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                         Language                                      Year


AFR 01        Jingo                                   Fever Pts 1 & 2                English                                1974

Pieter of the very fine Sea Never Dry blog dug up this copy of the original release of the late Ishmael Jingo’s Fever. The record first came out in 1974 on Jingo’s own label, received a French release in 1977 - again on Afro-Rock - and gained a third lease of life when Duncan Brooker chose it as the opening cut on his acclaimed Afro-Rock Vol 1 CD compilation (Kona Records, 2001). With its mix of a funky drum-led groove and great horns, it’s easy to hear why it has endured and why the copy Pieter found, to judge by the scan, has been played many, many times.