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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                        Language                        Year


SWAGGA      The Symekhersons              Msintese/Viongozi Wa Africa          Swahili                      1975


SWAGGA      The Symekhersons              Kimbelembele/Vinywaji Vyetu        Swahili


SWAGGA      The Symekhersons              Our Happiness/Farewell Kiss          English                      1975


SWAGGA      The Symekhersons              A: Rev Joseph K Symekher            A: Swahili                1975

7-007                                                    B: Jehova Akhulinde                     B: Luhya

SWAGGA 9   The Symekhersons              Welcome To Africa/Tabu Ya Wizi

SWAGGA 10  Symekher. Bag                   A: Tulinyakua Uhuru                     Swahili

                    & Cordage Choir                 B: Asante Baba Taifa

SWAGGA 7-002 appeared on Ebay in March 2009 and had me scratching my head. The Symekhersons cut a record for CMS that I always thought dated from the 1960s yet here they are with a record released in 1975 on a label that features an identical map of Africa to those records released on the Africa label. SWAGGA 9 turned up on Ebay in March 2012 and is presumably a reissue of a song originally recorded for CMS. Many thanks to Pauly Becquart in Tanzania for sending in details of SWAGGA 7-004 in November 2012, which seems to confirm this was a label owned by or exclusively devoted to the Symekhersons.