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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


ZEZE 001        Victoria C Kings                                       Msafiri Mkafiri/Megg Osolo                  1980

ZEZE 003        Victoria C Kings                                      Joyce Aoko/Washington Owende          1980

ZEZE 004         Victoria C Kings                                      Phelly Awino/Ayoma Jossy                 1980

ZEZE 012        Eagles Lupopo Band                                Masomo Kuvutsa/Shivela Sha Swahili

ZEZE 019        Maroon Commandos                                Abasili Muoyo Pts 1 & 2

ZEZE 020        Les Caro Trio 3                                       Sam Opasi/Margaret Adhiambo

ZEZE 21          Les Caro Trio 3                                       Dhi Mos/Jim Jabungu

ZEZE 32          Mighty Victoria C Kings                            Atieno Jossey Pts 1 & 2

ZEZE 40          Continental Revolution Senior                  Mary Atieno/Faiza Akinyi

ZEZE 48          William Osale                                         Safari Ya Kisumu/Nikifuata Ya Dunia

ZEZE 59          Makombora Boys (Munias)                      Judith Rapando/Dr Wameyo (MP)

ZE 723            Eagles Lupopo Band                                Masomo Kuvutsa/Shivela Sha Swahili  1981

A CBS label from the early 1980s. Victoria C Kings were an offshoot of top Luo benga band the Victoria Kings who also recorded for  Osogo Winyo Manyasi.

William Osale was a Luhya artist as were the Makombora Boys, a band presumably linked to Makombora Stars who released an LP on Polydor at around the same time.

ZEZE 012 has also turned up as ZE 723, dated 1981, in a batch of records found in South Africa by Chris Albertyn and Matt Temple. I’m pretty confident that ZEZE 012 is the original release, though it is hard to tell whether the latter is a licensed reissue for export or a bootleg.