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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Year


SLW 7-13            Metric Jazz Band                        Jodwar W Guohgi/J Ogwan'ga Chacha          1973

SLW 7-16            Metric Jazz Band                        Dorine Sugar Sugar/Otieno Jandigua            1974

SLW 7-17            Orch CK Jazz                             A: Remgws Ongaro Awino                            1974

                                                                          B: Peter Osongo Gi Perry

SLW 7-18            Metric Jazz Band                        Anjejo Ja Orando/Ogolla Mark                      1974

SLW 7-19            Continental Revolution               Nick Oyoo/Kilichoshababisha                        1974

SLW 7-20            Metric Jazz Band                        Ombok Elly/Kama Okelo                              1974

SLW 7-21            Orch CK Jazz                             Henry Bworogi R Atieno/Puonj Makare          1974

SLW 7-22            Continental Revolution               Joshua Ondenyo/Maringo Ya Nini                  1974

SLW 7-23            Orch CK Jazz                             P Renson A Ogila/Joseph O Janyando            1974

SLW 7-24            Metric Jazz Band                       Onjun'ga Otango/Owira Ja Gombe                1974

SLW 7-25            Metric Jazz Band                       Ogot Wuod Yimbo/Odoyo Mc. Ndiege            1974

SLW 7-26            Orch CK Jazz                            Odeny Ton Alap Gi Willy/John Ayieko            1974

SLW 7-27            Metric Jazz National                  Ochieng Apollo/Pasikal McAlogo                    1974

SLW 7-28            Orch CK Jazz                            Elly Odwongo/Oguta Tela                             1974

SLW 7-30            Metric Jazz Band                       Ngima Oridore/Agussy Jakano                      1974

SLW 7-31            Orch CK Jazz                            John Abila/Henry Okul Janyando                   1974

SLW 7-32            Metric Jazz National                  Odero Koduko/Nyamwaya JB                        1974

SLW 7-33            Metric Jazz National                  Afline December Gift/Afline the Pretty No 2    1974

SLW 7-34            Metric Jazz National                  Bodo Nicky/Leo Akendo                                1974

SLW 7-35            Continental Revolution              Ogala Jossy Rateng/Timon Ogutu                  1974

SLW 7-36            Continental Revolution              Gilbert Ooga/Jonathan Owuor                       1974

SLW 7-37            Continental Revolution              Otongo William No 2/George Otieno              1974

SLW 7-38            CK Jazz Band                           A: Festus Achayo Ogula Mama                      1975

                                                                        B: Team Mar Gor Ji Oyiego Te

SLW 7-39            CK Jazz Band                           Harison Aguko/Timothy Oguto                       1975

SLW 7-40            CK Jazz Band                           Pilista Aloo/Rubinson Alago                           1975

Melodica distributed label  given over almost entirely to two Luo band leaders: George Ramogi with CK Jazz and Continental Revolution and Leonard Omedo with Metric Jazz.

One of the best-known songs of the period Affline the Pretty by

CK Jazz appeared on this label, though I don’t have the catalogue number yet. You can read about the history of the song in this October 2003 story from The Daily Nation in Kenya