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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Language


URS 7-008           M Odhiambo Ossumbah             Ochieng Ja Ugambe/Rossy Oii Mama            Luo

                           with Peter Owino Rachar

URS 7-030           The Golden Ugenya Boys           Orido Jaka Thomo/Otieno Kolando                Luo

                           with URS Band

URS 7-049           Kaka Jazz Band                         Heri Niende Misa/Salamu Baba Taifu

URS 7-052           The Golden Boys Band               Otieno Yuor Achieng/CO Owinga                  Luo

URS 7-079           Francis Ruguiti                          Ngundya Ngai/Marua Ma Party                     Kikuyu

                          & the Banana Hill Band

GOR 101              Milambo Jazz Band                    Walter Juma/Omega Mika                           Luo

GOR 102              Milambo Jazz Band                    Job Omengo/Omega Mika                           Luo

SKT 7-002            The Lulus Band                         Ababii A Maheni Pts 1 & 2                           Kikuyu

VD 7-44               Joseph Kamaru                         A) Uthoni Wa Mbathani                               Kikuyu

                                                                          B) Mwananake Gutaruruo

A label that seems to have spread its net wide and attracted both well-known Luo and Kikuyu bands such as Peter Rachar Owino’s Golden Ugenya Boys and Francis Ruguiti’s Banana Hill Band as well as obscure bands like Kaka Jazz and Milambo Jazz, who evidently liked their B-side so much they recorded it twice..

VD 7-44 turned up on Ebay in September 2010 and appears to have been licensed from the Vedi’s label.