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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Language


LAM 7-010    The Ashantis                                   Mary Lou/Lorna You'Ve Got Me                  English

LAM 7-036     A: Daniel Omolo; B: Wilson Okal      Orwaka Nairobi/Paruru Yawa                     Luo

LAM 112A/B

LAM 7-054     Orch Navongo Success                    Salamu Zangu/Ugonjwa ni Adui                 Swahili

LAM 127A/B

LAM 7-088     The African Couzins                        Vijana Wawili/Matumbo Na Sukuma            Swahili


The first of these singles turned up on Ebay, the next two are in the British Library’s National Sound Archive and the fourth in the Voice of America collection. I know nothing about the bands except that Orch Navongo Success also recorded for Bonanza, a sister label to Lamore.

The numbers alone indicate that there are numerous other singles on the label waiting to be catalogued.

As the language description on the Ashantis single describes it as Shake English, I reckon we could date these to the late 1960s.